TAGUS region
ROUTES for the Region
Relation of the Wool Routes TAGUS - Region Tagus-Salor-Almonte 
Ruta I  La Recovera
Ruta II  The Azagala Pathway
Ruta III  The Dehesa de la Luz, Petit and Molano
(Arroyo de la Luz)
Ruta IV  Los Llanos de Brozas
Ruta V  Silver Route
(Casar de Cáceres, Cáceres y Garrovillas)
Ruta VI  The Almond-trees
(Garrovillas de Alconétar)
Ruta VII  The Rodetes
Ruta VIII  Los Barruecos
(Malpartida de Cáceres)
Ruta IX  The Creek of the Rivera
(Mata de Alcántara, Villa del Rey y Alcántara)
Ruta X  The Roman Villa
Ruta XI  The Old Way of the Hermitage
(Navas del Madroño)
Ruta XII  The Olive groves
(Piedras Albas y Alcántara)
Ruta XIII  The Castillejo and the Mill of the Cubo
(Santiago del Campo)
Ruta XIV  Virgin of the River
Ruta XV  Route of The Pools
(Villa del Rey)
Ruta XVI  Peñafiel Castle
(Zarza la Mayor)
Ruta XVII  Route of the Wool
(Malpartida de Cáceres, Arroyo de la Luz, Brozas, Villa del Rey, Alcántara, Piedras Albas)

The Extremaduran region Tagus-Salor-Almonte , of new political configuration, is located in one of the best preserved natural regions of the European Union, the Southwest of the Iberian Peninsula, and in the area of influence of Cáceres. This nearness to the capital supposes an enormous advantage to plan weekend short trips and to find out the impressive natural and cultural patrimony of its villages.

The TAGUS region has numerous environmental, historical, architectural, artistic, gastronomic, ethnographic attractions, etc. To visit the different municipalities that shape it, there have been designed 16 TOURIST ROUTES to be approached in one day and a route of great tour THE WOOL ROUTE that crosses longitudinally the TAGUS region and allows the visitors to enjoy an unforgettable set of sensations since it can be crossed up to the border of Portugal and from this one up to Covilhá (interior of Beira).

Route XVII .- The Wool Route Route X .-   The Roman Villa Route XIV .- The Virgin of the River Route VII .- The Rodetes Route VIII .- The Baroques Route XIII .- The Castillejo and the Mill of the Bucket Route V .- The Way of the Silver Route III .- The Pasture of the Light, Petit y Molano Route II .-  The Path of Azagala Route VI .- The Almond-trees Route XI .- The Old Way of the Hermitage Route IV .- The Plains of Brushes Route XV .- Route of The Pools Route IX .- The Creek of the Rivera Route I .- The Recovera Route XII .- The Olive groves Route XVI .- Peñafiel`s Castle Route XVII .- The Wool Route
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