TAGUS region
ROUTES for the Region
 Route VIII .- Los Barruecos Municipal Area: Malpartida de Cáceres 

The route starts in Malpartida and we can mainly visit in the tour the Natural Monument of the Barruecos. In some parts, the route coincides with three of the routes with less duration inside the natural space, but we have considered this route to enjoy all the natural and human elements provided by the environment. During the route there are: Geological interesting manifestations, and the observation of birds (where the white stork is the most important bird to be seen, as well as the aquatic birds). Lovers of the plants have an interesting ecosystem with animals as the codeso. The contemporary art has in here its best representation with the works outdoors and the Vostell-Malpartida museum. There is a strange symbiosis with buildings tied to the last centuries industry like the Wools´ Washer - Historical place - or the flour mills. People who like the reminiscences of the past will enjoy places where to see paintings and cave engravings.
In a place that seems to have been blessed has come to us the purity combining modernity and ruins of the past. Let´s enjoy the route in such a way that future generations could do it with the same intensity as we do. When we come back to the starting point, which is also the ending point, we will be able to enjoy a visit in the village that shows us simple and interesting examples of popular architecture; The Asunción Church, the Casona of the Inquisition, the palace of the square or a visit to the Narbón museum can complete a pleasingly a day of nature and art.