TAGUS region
ROUTES for the Region
 Route X .- The Roman Villa Municipal Area: Monroy 

The route will take us to the Boyal Pasture. We will take the Excavaciones way, and along the way we can see groves of evergreen oaksway until the Roman Villa, the most emblematic and representative place of Monroy´s; Here we will connect with the colada of the way of Santiago del Campo to Monroy to reach the fountain of the Amapolas. From there we will reach the village from the west side. In there we will find the walls of the impassable Castle of Monroy, at the Major Square. The route passes entirely through the pasture of oaks, very frequented by the looked by the sheep and bull.
In the route, apart from patrimonial testimonies of the past, we will be able to observe the typical fauna of this habitat, headed by birds of prey as milanos and paseriformes like the common alcaudón, the hoopoe or the rabilargo. The area is flat and the ways are in good condition. In winter the zones where the water more stagnates are the ford of creeks and the creek of Amapolas. Some cattle pools spread by the landscape will incorporate new elements in the route, like the observation of birds that come to the cattle pools to satisfy their thirst.